Stencils and Double Sided Adhesive Sheets Tutorial

Hi Crafters,

At yesterdays show I was asked a lot how this look was achieved using the Memory Box stencils...
so I thought it would be best to do a quick tutorial post about it.

These are the materials you will need:
Stencil (I'm using Memory Box Ornate)
Double Sided Adhesive Sheets
Tumble Dryer Sheet
2 different glitters (I'm using silver halo glitter and crystal glitter)

Rub one side of the stencil with a tumble dryer sheet, this helps the stencil to peel of the sticky.

Peel the back off one side of the self adhesive sheet.

Place the self adhesive sheet down onto a piece of card

Peel the backing off so the sticky is exposed (don't through the backing sheet away as you will need it for the next step)

Place your stencil over the sticky sheet with the side that you have rubbed with the tumble dryer sheet in contact with the sticky, to flatten the stencil down, use the double sided sheet backing paper and rub over the stencil.

Once your stencil is flat to the sheet, cover in your first colour of glitter.

Now carefully lift the stencil off and cover with your second colour of glitter

And your glittery stencil is complete!

Here are a couple of card ideas using the glittery stencil technique:

This one uses the following stencil and dies:
Memroy Box Rhapsody Stencil
Memory Box Paper Cut Tulips Circle Die
Memory Box Paper Cut Tulips
Memory Box Precious Butterflies (with the bows chopped off!)

The next one uses the following stencil and dies:
Memory Box Diamond Stencil
Memory Box Perky Poppy Die
Memory Box Happy Birthday Extravaganza Die
Memory Box Lunette Butterfly Die

Bye for now,


  1. Hi Chloe,
    Wow these are stunning! Thanks so much for such a clear tutorial!
    Definitely want to try this! I love the diamond stencil, it is so effective!
    Debs x

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  3. Hi Chloe will you be going to the big craft show in Bolton on may 29 th to June 1st I do hope you are thank you love June xxxx


  4. Absolut Hammer Comment, das wollte ich selbst schon Mal ausdrucken, wusste nur nicht wie ich das niederschreiben konnte.
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  5. Thanks Chloe for sharing this demo with us, i wondered how you had done it!


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